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While these kind of games faded away with Swatches, legwarmers and Tab soda, the animation quality for Space Ace has somewhat stood the test of time. Bluth and his animation team (perhaps best known for Secret of Nimh and An American Tale) provided a fast-paced space adventure with fluidity and innovation. Certainly, there are some design elements that fall in the category of retro cheese, but on a technical level, this is still a nice looking piece of work and its 1080p HD presentation does it justice.

Space Ace PSN

There is also a cabinet display mode that simulates the original arcade display in a 43 presentation with scanlines, cabinet artwork and a monitor concave effect, which is a great option. The soundtrack is transferred over nicely as well and sounds just as silly as it did before with recognizable space cartoon stock effects and really bad voice acting, which has a particular charm all its own. Ultimately, this is the best looking and best sounding Space Ace port to date.

The animation for Space Ace was produced by the same team that tackled the earlier Dragon's Lair, headed by ex-Disney animator Don Bluth. To keep the production costs down, the studio again chose to use its staff to provide voices for the characters rather than hire actors (one exception is Michael Rye, who reprises his role as the narrator of the attract sequence in Dragon's Lair). Bluth himself provides the (electronically altered) voice of Commander Borf. In an interview about the game, Bluth stated that had the studio been able to afford more professional actors, he thought Paul Shenar would have been more suitable for the role of Borf than himself. The game's animation features some rotoscoping, wherein models were built of Ace's spaceship "Star Pac", his motorcycle, and the tunnel in the game's dogfight sequence, then filmed and traced over to render moving animated images with very realistic depth and perspective.

Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge is a continuation of the home computer version of Space Ace, mostly featuring content that could not fit in available storage space on said version. It was released for Amiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS and Macintosh in 1991. An Apple IIGS port was also completed, but never released (detailed IIGS loading instructions appear in the manual for the other ports).[29]A new Apple IIGS conversion was developed and released by Brutal Deluxe in 2022, based on the DOS version.[30]

In 2010, Digital Leisure began creating content for PlayStation Home. Over the course of the next four years they released Dragon's Lair and Space Ace branded content for the platform as well as their own original avatar clothing, private spaces and public gaming spaces including the Western Frontier and Paradise Springs Casino spaces. The Casino became one of Home's most popular spaces, with chip sales in the top 10 items sold for several months running.[2] Due to the success of both this space and Texas Hold'em Tournament on the Wii, Digital Leisure began working on a new standalone social casino game. On Feb 18, 2015, after the announcement of Home's closure, Digital Leisure released the Early Access version of The Four Kings Casino and Slots on Steam.[3]

This is an adventure game in which players control a space hero (Ace) as he pursues a villainous commander and attempts to save the world. Players guide Ace through various evasion sequences (e.g., running from alien monsters, jumping across lava pits) and view brief animations of Ace shooting lasers at robots, alien creatures, and spaceships. Several animated sequences are based on players' "reflex" choices, and may depict violent acts (e.g., Ace getting crushed by spikes, burned by lava, and electrocuted by power sticks). One sequence depicts a giant creature shooting lasers at Ace; the misfires cause the creature's body to break apart.

Commands for squad members can include pinning down enemies with suppressing fire, taking clear sniper shots and lobbing grenades. Aliens will also attempt to ambush squad members running through open spaces and larger brute-type aliens would smash squad members who aren't given properly coverage.

The hands-on demo ends in a crazy cliffhanger. Entering a Chinese restaurant-looking building reveals itself to be pagoda-shaped rocket ship that launches into space. Once in space, Billy and Jimmy face off against a heavily armored Raiden-looking boss wielding a massive sword with Marian being held captive in the background. 041b061a72


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