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Totally Spies! Movie Download Hd [2021]

But after a fight with Fabu, Tad is strapped to the missile bound for Earth. The girls manage to escape and, after fixing the Fabulizor's damage to themselves, go after Fabu. They are unable to stop the missile from taking off but hitch a ride as it is rocketing towards Earth with Tad still attached to it. They are able to turn the missile around to destroy the station, surprising the girls since they had no idea of how to stop it earlier, and Alex whacks at the control panel with the WOOHP manual. They then are picked up by a surprise appearance from Jerry in one of WOOHP's ships and rescue the kidnapped people from aboard the station (freeing them of the hypnotic trance by destroying Fabu's signal beacon in his staff) and evacuate safely, including Oinky, who Alex thought was never going to make it out in time, only to see him run fast to her, finally reunited with Alex before the missile explodes and destroys the station in a firework finale. They then chase after Fabu's ship, manage to destroy it, and catch Fabu and his Sphynx in his escape pod. After the mission, the girls admit that the mission was difficult at first, but it also made them friends, so they accept their position as spies. Clover is offered a date by Rob Hearthrob over the phone, and Alex is invited for a session with Wolfman. But before that, they later return to school to face punishment from the principal for the "damage" they caused when trying to avoid her earlier on in the movie (thanks to Sam using a laser lipstick to cut an escape hole in the wall earlier). But fortunately, it seems that thanks to WOOHP, they have a new principal (who goes off unnamed) who seemingly does not know about the girls' punishment and gives Sam high praise.

Totally Spies! movie download hd

The show totally received a movie, as well as a Spin-Off (The Amazing Spiez!). It began airing on Universal Kids on June 24, and full episodes and the movie can be watched on the show's official YouTube channel.

The movie begins with three criminals attempting to steal the gold from the national reserve in Washington, DC, but they are stopped by Sam, Clover and Alex. As the spies celebrate their another victory, it's interrupted by the alarm clocks, revealing that it was just a dream of the three girls. Sam, Clover and Alex talk about that the evil is gone for good which ended their spy careers and that their first semester at Mali-U is ending. They also wonder if Mandy will keep their secret now that she knows it when she suddenly comes to visit. Mandy tells the girls that they may not be friends anymore, but she won't tell anyone that they're spies. The girls (especially Clover) are unsure if they can trust Mandy... 350c69d7ab


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