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Smoke Effect Photoshop Action

If you want to make your photo more magical, with this set of Photoshop actions you'll be able to produce an effect of colorful smoke clouds surrounding your subject. Choose from 19 color options, and adjust the result as you see fit.

Smoke Effect Photoshop Action

Or maybe you're interested in creating a ghost-like effect? This action makes your subject look translucent, and the clouds of smoke give it an ethereal look. It's a very artistic effect that you can achieve with a single click.

You can use this action in photoshop CS3 to CC2020 The only restriction is that you must install the version in English. For now, other languages are not supported. NOTE: If you are not using the English version, you can switch your Photoshop in English, play the action and return to your language back.

This Photoshop template comes with a unique smoke-themed dispersion effect that also combines duotone colors. It can be used to create stylish graphic designs for various types of projects, including promotional materials, social media posts, posters, and more.

The glowing effect gives this smoke photo effect a very trendy look and feel. It can also be used to create Cyberpunk-style effects with your photos. This template is very easy to use as it comes with smart object layers.

This project gives you an option to create super-easy and fast really spectacular smoke effect for text and badges. There is a YouTube tutorial that will help you to do it in super-quick way and also an alternative with some more advanced features,

Ever wanted to edit in real moving smoke? Well, now you can! The Animated Smoke package comes with both static and animated smoke effect options, allowing you to either layer in a smoky background, or fully animate it on the canvas and have the smoke move around on the page.

The Smoke Clouds Photoshop action is simple to use, and well designed. Coming with nineteen different colors to choose from, multiple different smoke cloud styles, easy-to-navigate layering groups, and an included video tutorial. Smoke Clouds is a gold standard in the smoke effects sphere.

Ever wanted to bring that smoke dispersion aesthetic to your visual project? The Smoke Dispersion package has you covered. Able to convert your picture seamlessly into a dispersed beauty with a few easy clicks, this Photoshop effect is an impressive display of artistic talent just waiting to be used.

Wanting to overlay smoke onto your visual projects but finding it challenging to get high-quality photoshop smoke overlay effects? Thankfully, with this pack of realistic smoke overlays, your struggles have come to an end. Each overlay is rendered in a high resolution, and the pack comes with a wide variety to choose from.

Unlike actually going out and buying a packet of cigarettes to bring that smoky aesthetic to your photoshoot, there is a wide range of free options for smoke effects out there to choose from. Here are a few we think are worth your attention.

Create stunning rainbow smoke art effects with these photoshop actions available for free download. With these effects, you no longer have to worry about how to add smoke in photoshop all thanks to the video tutorial that comes along to help you make the most of the smoke effects.

This text effect will suit not only to the mystery and spooky designs, it can become a great addition to some hookah advertisement, or club event promotion! You can see that this time we have decided to create a colorful fume, so it looks more hypnotizing and relaxing than spooky! Nevertheless, you can decide by yourself where and when to apply this action! Purchase this premium action and your design will look more sophisticated than before.

You will be able to add the most realistic smoke text effect to your design and this text effect will be non-destructive! What does it mean? It means you can edit your image later at any time after applying.

Smoke Photoshop Effect is a Photoshop action that will add professional smoke effects to your photos. Create a smoke effect the easy way!The action works on an area of the image you define by brushing. The result is multiple layers with advanced customization possibilities: blending modes, adjustment layers and layer masks. You have lots of layer control after the action has finished to adjust the design how you wish.The item includes:

As a designer, have you ever wished you could create an effect without having to go through a laborious process every time? If so, then Photoshop actions will be right up your street. But what are the best Photoshop Actions for designers in 2021? Read on to discover and start creating today!

Photoshop actions are a sequence of events or steps that play through to create a particular effect. You can install these, pre-made by other designers and artists, and you can even create your own Photoshop Action to save yourself time when processing.

As well as their practical purposes, good Photoshop actions can also be a great way to learn something new. Turning layers off and on and looking into what they contribute to the overall effect can help you understand how they work, and then potentially replicate the effect in your own way.

A very cool set of Photoshop actions aimed at photographers and graphic designers, CyberPunk Pro will give your work a neon blue and pink glow. There are 2 actions each with 8 effects, plus instructions in case you get stuck.

Create a realistic rain effect in just a few minutes with this action for Photoshop. There are ten presets included and you can even change the direction of the rain. Add style and atmosphere to your photographs quickly and easily.

Dazzle your designs and photos with Radiant for Photoshop. This action includes effects like glitter, shimmer, and more. Paint over your image and run the desired effect action to create brightly colored particles.

You can afford to let the grass grow with this cool Photoshop action! Cover your text or logo in lush, realistic greenery in just one click. The download includes an action, brush, and pattern to complete the effect.

If you want to learn how to add smoke in Photoshop and level up your editing skills, my tutorial will come in handy. With 3 simple yet effective techniques described in this article, you can easily add smoke effects in Photoshop. Besides, you can download these overlays for better results.

When you use a blend mode, Photoshop starts mixing pixels from the selected layer with the one placed below. There are several ways to mix pixels depending on the chosen mode. You can select the smoke layer and try different modes in the Layers panel to find the effect that suits perfectly.

Smoke trails are elegant, beautiful, and amazing to watch. Thin wisps of smoke dancing through the air reveal just how fluid our atmosphere really is. The effect is deceptively simple, and the dynamics of it are dizzyingly complex.

Recreating believable smoke in a digital environment is no easy task. However, capturing the practical effect is a much easier prospect. In this video learn how to capture stunningly beautiful custom smoke to be used for custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop.


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