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Mstislav Medvedev
Mstislav Medvedev

Lliam Taylor - Bad Shit Feat. Bang Bang

That is when I looked back at the cloud and it terrified me. The cloud had a small funnel looking cloud inside of it. My mom said to keep my eyes ahead. We eventually got to the house and then we heard a loud siren. She said to get inside the house now and get downstairs. My dad looked scared. He brought the radio and a flashlight, while my mom got some batteries and snacks. Once we all got downstairs, we heard really loud banging on the roof.

Lliam Taylor - Bad Shit feat. Bang Bang

The Hall became the South's first fully-integrated music venue, despite Louisiana's segregation law making integrated entertainment illegal. In 2014 Sandra Jaffe told "Sunday Morning" that when her husband (who played the tuba) joined the band on stage, they both had to face the music. "Allan and I would be at night court many times because of it," she laughed. "With Judge Babylon banging on his gavel, saying, 'If you think we're gonna let you carpetbaggers, you know, we don't mix cream with our coffee in this here town!'" 041b061a72


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