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Mstislav Medvedev

Happy Holidays рџ ((NEW))

Our offices will be closed for the holiday from December 23rd reopening on January 3rd. There will be a delay in order processing during the holiday break.From our family to yours, we wish you all the best and a prosperous and happy 2023!

Happy Holidays рџ’‹

As part of our COVID-19 relief package, the fleet will not be collecting annual dues until next October. Please use these funds to buy your sweetheart something special for having to put up with you all year without many breaks. My wish is that everyone remains safe and healthy through the holidays and is ready for our full fleet to regain the waters of Canandaigua lake next spring.

Saying "Happy Holidays" is a general and inclusive wish for acquaintances and strangers when you don't know which holidays they observe. This well-meaning phrase helps spread festive cheer and warm wishes with the people around you.

There has been controversy over the use of this greeting. Some people believe the phrase takes away from the meaning of whichever holidays they celebrate. On the other hand, people might be equally offended if you wish them a more specific greeting for an occasion they do not celebrate!

Usually, the safest phrase to use if you want to spread holiday cheer with someone you don't know very well is to say "Happy Holidays!". If you know more about the specific holidays someone observes, then do feel free to use a more specific holiday greeting. 041b061a72


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